Automatic Water Limiting Consumption


Device allows for predefined volume of uncontrolled flow to an outlet before stopping flow by 99%. These devices automaticlly reset when control is restored and between controlled usages. A water consumption limiting device which reduses waste& damage

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Posted by Michael Goza under Green Energy

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Automatic Water Limiting Consumption
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Full Description

Patent Number 6968856 is a mechanically automated fluid consumption-limiting device.

 Patent Number 7346434 is an electrically controlled fluid consumption-limiting device.

These devices work with either liquid or compressed gas form. The devices’ primary purpose is to stop fluid flow after a predetermined volume has passed through the device and or pressure loss preventing damage causing overflow or excessive waste reducing product loss and enviromental damage. 

Devices could be used for Gas,oil, water, pipeline failures reducing enviromental damage ,and product loss with auto reset on system with system pressure restoration on secondary. 

The device allows for predefined volumes of uncontrolled  flow to an outlet before stopping the flow by 99%. These devices automatically reset when control is restored and between controlled usages.  These devices would save thousands of gallons of water, gas or oil  from leaks from human error and or pipe falure.   Restore secondary system integrity and system  resets. Patent #7646343 has several other operational options and features.  Operational prototype is available for demonstration. 

The controller in resedential application could be mounted next to a thermostat, and would look simular to a thermostat. However it would control all water usage in home or buisness, manage leaks, by limiting amount of damage due to pipe failures, toilets.    Waste when water left on, preventing bath tub overflows, garden hoses, kids.  And does this all Automatic     Set points, usages all programable to individuals needs.  System promotes conservation, by letting you know ie. I just used 50 gallons of water.     Just turn off the point of use valve ,it resets and turn valve on for next cycle.   In areas of country where water rates change with usages, system would be programed to reduce setpoints letting you know that you are getting close to usage were rates change.   Example  50 gallon  limit to 25 gallons, all ajustable.  

Possible points of use for this devices
  • Limits uncontrolled usage of water in areas of shortages example Municipalities are:

  Los Angeles Cal.

            San Francisco Cal.

            Austin, Texas

            San Antonio, Texas

            Oklahoma, City Okla.

  • Marine, off shore applications where there are limited fresh water supplies.
  • Galveston / Houston Subsidence district were the land is sinking due to excessive use of ground water.
  • Municipalities could reduce sewer, evaporation credits on cooling towers overflows.
  • Cooling tower loss prevention of chemicals, and loss of chemical control levels from overflows.  Will also reduce chemical contamination of lakes and streams from said overflows.
  • Limit damages to facilities with house tank overflows, due to float failure.
  • Apartment, Hotels, Residential bathtubs protection from overflows, and, hot water heater failure leak and Freeze protection for building and homeowners.
  • Various applications in agricultural, commercial and industrial contexts, including the oil and gas industry/ pipelines shut down from failures. 
  • The average person fills a bath tub to overflow.  When the get in it runs 10 gallons down drain. This would eliminate this waste. 

These devices are a physical reminder to all consumers that you had used (ie) 50 gallons of water at one time.  Devices will promote conservation.  Just turn point of use valve off, and it resets. You will not know controller is on your system till you, have leak or fail to turn water off.