Baby Bottle Accessory


PATENT PENDING STATUS The baby bottle accessory relates to a baby bottle. This device, is used to blend baby formula in the bottle. The baby bottle accessory is a portable device, Which has attachments for blending baby formula with food, medicine, and i

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Baby Bottle Accessory
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The baby bottle accessory is designed to help make baby bottles faster. Anyone who cares for infants to toddlers will benefit. The baby bottle accessory works like a mixer. It has a nipple top that resembles a baby’s bottle nipple and a push button at the top, which operates the baby bottle device. Push the button one time to turn it on, and then push it again to turn it off.

The baby bottle accessory lid fits any standard size baby bottle. The device fits perfectly inside an 8oz. Bottle. It has two long stainless steel or plastic rods with a wide steel head at the bottom for easy and fast blending. The coils help whip the baby formula and baby food rice together like a milk shake. Simply remove the bottle device and place the original nipple on the baby’s bottle. A baby’s bottle can be made in seconds instead of minutes. The baby bottle device would be perfect for parents who have more than one infant to care for example twins, triplets etc. The "Octo" mom would benefit greatly from this product! This baby bottle accessory would be a great benefit to any baby product line. The market potential and product life span is endless. Today, people want to relax more and same time. A product that can  help people save time is a good product to invest in, especially a baby product. We live in a fast pace world, the faster the better. This is what people want!

The Facts:

"There are 11,803 births in the United States alone every 8 minutes ."

"The world births are 340,500 Per day."

"The world births per year are 137 million.

"The world population is expected to reach 9 billion by the year 2040."