Baby & Mom Pillow With Safety Device


This product is covered by 2 patents. It's a great product with a safety feature like no other. Both patents are being sold. My product - has great marketing aspects and features. It has great sales presence and unique feature that has been well received.

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Posted by Marilou Owens under Miscellaneous

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Baby & Mom Pillow With Safety Device
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The Luvee is a unique mother/baby nursing and support pillow with a patented safety device that protects your baby and keeps you comfortable. The Luvee nursing pillow is excellent for breastfeeding, bottle feeding and while you're relaxing or watching television.  It is also a baby pillow and can be used to help support a sitting baby.  Baby feedings are wonderful times to bond with your baby.  Your comfort — and your baby's safety — are important and The Luvee nursing pillow's special design will help you nurse/feed with comfort and confidence.