Bedbug Insecticide And Atrractant Box


The Neverspray Box is about 16x12x3 inche=metal-has organic, non toxic insecticide and attractant. openings for bugs to enter and contact powder -bugs think box contains food source. Plugs in 110 outlet to run attractant. Takes 4 wks to kill bugs-eggs

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Posted by shirley smead under Household

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Bedbug Insecticide And Atrractant Box
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A small rectangular box made of light weight metal with one end open for insertion of  a lid.  One end has hole for entry of electrical cord,.   Inserted into container is attractant device  (parts can be bought over the counter almost anywhere) .  The organic non toxic insecticide powder is sprinkled liberally on bottom of container, lid is put in place, box is put on floor near where people spend time being inactive, and plugged into any 110 V. electrical outlet. 

Bedbugs go to box thinking there is a food source inside of it.   They enter through louvers in the sides of the box.  They contact the insecticide, go back to their nest and die of dehydratjion.  Takes about a week to kill all already hatched bugs, another 3 weeks for box to kill all newly hatched bugs.  Takes no maintenance.  Powder it, plug it in.  

Box, used a few hours a week, will prevent re infesttion by killing any stray bugs that may be inadvertently brought into a dwelling. Units should last about 3 yrs. Box is best used with a 7 day timer.

Neverspray has be used in 30 homes to this date.  It has performed spectacularly each time.

Box is easy to make, assemble out of easily procured materials.  I can make one for 25 dollars and sell it for 48 dollars.  Factory setup should be very low in cost.

Rita, manager at Travelodge Motel in Florence, Ky wanted to get 90 of my boxes but found they could not use a handmade device.  Her comment:  Oh ____, back to the spraying crap.  Read that there are about 60K lodging facilities in US.