Biomass Multi-fuels Furnace


This biomass furnace burns various, non-fossil fuels to provide an economical, green heat source for a residential/commercial structure. The biomass fuels include, but aren't limited to, shell corn, pellets,yard waste, saw dust, wood chip, waste oil,

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Posted by kevin sterr under Green Energy

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Biomass Multi-fuels Furnace
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Full Description

The patented software/operating system design, and the patented  mechanical/thermodynamic designs, allows this biomass furnace to perform very similar to a conventional fossil fuels furnace. It closley resembles what the general public knows a furnace to be.....and its GREEN!!  The user simply sets the house furnace thermostat to user comfort....and there is heat.....automatically, without any hassels. The biomass (non-fossil) fuel is automatically injected into the furnace, as needed, via software/operating system.   The patented software/operating system continually monitors and adjusts the rate of fuel burn.....creating a reliable and uninterruptted source of heat ALL season long. In fact, I am so convinced no one will find a more user friendly, and TRUELY reliable biomass furnace as this, that I will make the following product guarantees:

1) The patented software/operating system allows this biomass furnace to burn ANY cheap, abundant and combustable fuels in ANY mixed, randomness, WITHOUT ANY human adjustments to the furnace, AND, no manual loading of fuel is required into the furnace. NO other biomass furnace can make this claim.

2) This patented biomass furnace can run uninterrupted for months WITHOUT manual cleaning. NO other biomass furnace can make this claim.

3) This patented biomass furnace provides a constant, reliable and uninterrupted source of season heat. NO loading of fuel, no manual cleaning, no fire tending.....no hassels...all automatic.....ALL season long.

"Just set the thermostat, and there better be heat!"

This patented software/operating system can be integrated with other existing biomass furnaces to help in operating performances and efficiencies.

My first generation and second generation fully operational prototypes have been successfully providing heat for my R&D facility and residence for 4 heating seasons. This technology is proven....and it performs.

For a complete patent description, go to www.uspto.gov patent #7621227