Cane Leg Support- A Cane & Leg Rest


OF GREAT INTEREST TO MEDICAL EQUIPMENT DISTRIBUTORS The Cane Leg Support has a dual use. In addition to keeping the Leg, Knee or Foot in a Horizontal/or elevated position while seated,it can be instantly converted into a standard walking cane

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Posted by John Montanti under Healthcare

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Cane Leg Support- A Cane & Leg Rest
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Development of the Cane Leg Support began in 2003, and U.S. patent 8,215,325 B2 was awarded on July 10, 2012   


The Cane Leg Support continues to be successfully marketed on the Internet, and purchased by persons having a permanent Leg, Knee or Foot disability, or are recovering from a Leg, Knee or Foot operation and must keep their leg in a horizontal/or elevated position while seated. Orthopedic Doctors are prescribing this device to their patients.

The Leg Support component has two soft pads; one to support the bottom and the other to support the side of the Leg, Knee or Foot allowing the user to sit for long periods of time whether it be seated at a desk, dinner table, in a doctor’s office, on a couch, folding chair, in a library, theater seat and for anytime a user requires his or her leg to be supported in a horizontal/or elevated position while seated..

The Cane Leg Support can easily be adjusted up or down to accommodate any height requirement. Once the Cane Leg Support is adjusted to the correct height, the cane is moved to a centered position beneath the leg, and the Cane Leg Support becomes perfectly balanced allowing the user to sit and keep the leg in a horizontal/or elevated position comfortably for hours.

The entire Cane Leg Support is very light, weighing approximately twenty ounces. The Leg Support part which is made of ABS High Impact Plastic will hold up to eighty five pounds and the Cane will support up to three-hundred pounds. It is marketed on the Internet through my company J&M PRODUCTS LLC, listed under CANE LEG SUPPORT. With very little effort, we’ve sold about 1700 over the Internet.

My company, J&M PRODUCTS LLC is in the Electronic components business, not the Medical Equipment business and this invention would be best served in the hands of a Major Medical Equipment Distributor where the marketing potential would be unlimited. My patent attorneys performed a search and confirmed it is the only medical device of its kind, so the purchaser of this device will be the sole marketer of the CANE LEG SUPPORT. Please call me directly 609-439-2581...   Thanks,  John Montanti  President J&M PRODUCTS LLC   www.canelegsupport.com  Check out our website.