Cell Phone Key Case Combination Patented


Market tested and accepted,wristlet/clutch purse accommodating cell phone, keys,credit cards, ID'S.Keys concealed in bag when not in use or instantly released when needed, utilizing "the laws of gravity" no batteries or electronics involved.

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Posted by Juanita Stansberry under Miscellaneous

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Cell Phone Key Case Combination Patented
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Only one of it's kind in the SIC 3171 Women's Handbag market. Our PhoneKeyCase (PKC) wristlet/clutch purse accommodates most of the popular smart phones, keys, credit cards and ID's in one lightweight bag. There are two separate zippered pockets; a larger one for the phone and a slightly smaller one for credit cards, cash and ID'S. A third "open ended compartment" allows the keys to be concealed when not in use or instantly available when needed this is accomplished by just shaking the bag, no batteries or electronics needed. The keys are semi-permanently attached to the bag's key ring via use of a carabiner. The PKC incorporates a strap which pulls the keys into the bag and can then be used as a wristlet or allows the the PKC to be attached to; a belt loop; larger bag, golf cart, bike, stroller, etc. Now both hands are free for other purposes. The PKC addresses the most common anxieties; "I can't find my keys ... I lost my keys... I misplaced my keys".  PAT No.  9,369, 554


"Attempts have made to provide cell phone holders which secure keys... however, these patents fail to disclose a device for securing holding carrying keys in combination with a cell phone holder. Further, these patents lack a key holder cell phone holder combination which is easy to use and efficient. Accordingly, a need exists for improved key holder cell phone holder". PATENT No. 9,369,554