Concrete Repair---dowel Bar Retrofit


Patented technology which will reduce cost and time to repair Dowel Bar Retrofits on highway and othe concrete slabs

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Posted by James Quinn under Industrial

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Concrete Repair---dowel Bar Retrofit
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After over seven (7) years of development, WaterWerks has been granted patents for the use Ultra-high pressure water, in conjunction with sophisticated controls and vacuum recovery, for precision cutting of slots for Dowel Bar Retrofit.

Present methods, utilizing diamond saws, have proven to been very time consuming, expenses and limited typically to three (3)  slots. The WaterWerks method is faster, more economical and produces a superior bond qualities in each slot cut.   The improved economics result for a significantly higher production rate, major reduction in labor as well as a 30% reduction in required grout. All of the above, coupled with an ideal profile for better bonding, has reduced the cost per slot to 50% of present methods.

The WaterWerks method has the flexibility to cut three (3) or six(6) slots simultaneously--something which cannot be done with existing outdated and mechanically unreliable, diamond saws.   By a reduction in personnel the inherent safety of crews working on highways, is also greatly improved 

WaterWerks is willing to discuss  the sale or lease of the patents and is prepared to work directly to assist a contractor or investor to   in order to get into full scale operation.

A great number of States DOTs have expressed immediate interest in evaluating this process and specifying it as a viable alternative for DBR projects