Construction, Thermoinsulation, Modular,


for sale -highly economical 20-30% less cost, durable,uniform high quality structures with uniform thermo insolation. with standard modules sliding formwork (reusable) and mass product parts to build in the structures. http://www.cecaiq.com

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Posted by sandor kovacs under Industrial

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Construction, Thermoinsulation, Modular,
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My provisional patent; GB1202029.3 - Canada, England

Full description; at http://www.cecaiq.com ;-chapter"new building method"

(from second page)

three basic component;

thermo insolation module (mass product)

connection piece module (mass product)

silding formwork module (mass product)

The concrete formwork and sliding formwork methods until now install components the outside surface

of the structures -is costly. My method build in every component (thermo insulation, wiring, pipeing etc.)

 in one step fashion inside the structure. Don't use lumber, brick, support structure etc.

Manufacturing documentation complete with prefered materials and best practices,

contact; 514 586 4438 or alex@cecaiq.com