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Darling Donna's Delicious Nutritious Kitchentm from "The Super Foods Ladytm" Dishes including some of the most nutrient dense foods known to man, e.g., quinoa, chia seed, and moringa. Enjoy in good healthtm!

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I envision my product line/brand to consist of the below which is taken and edited from my sell sheet (of which I have over 300 full-color hard copies and can e-mail a copy of if your e-mail can receive e-mails with attachments of 20 megabytes or more) featuring my Quinoa Pasta and Cheese.  Please see my proposed licensing agreement below that.
"Quinoa (pronounced, "keenwa") is one of the most nutritionally potent super foods.  I modified a traditional family macaroni and cheese recipe using Ancient Harvest Quinoa Super Grain PastaR after an old friend, almost a brother, Norman Rabin, recommended that I try quinoa for its health benefits which he later told me he believes are especially beneficial to women.  Indulge in this healthful comfort food!  
"Also try our Quinoa and Pasta Sauce with Ground Turkey Onions and Mushrooms, or with Ground Beef, Meat and Vegetable Combo Pies, Lemon Ranch Mushroom Chicken Breast Filets, Roast Beef Hash Scrambled Eggs and French Toast, Sugar-Free Devil's Food Cake with Lemon Cream Icing, in the frozen foods aisles, and Special Reserve Tomato Vegetable Soup, Chia "Rice" Pudding, Marinated Cucumber Tomato and Artichoke Salsa, in the refrigerated aisles as well as our Jiaogulan, Moringa and Baobab Berry Decaf. Green Tea Special Reserve combination Iced Teas with naturally sweetened Goat's Milk Caramel in two different flavors, or sparkling with real lemon/lime juice all without any preservatives from "Darling Donna's Delicious Nutritious Kitchentm" "The Super Food Ladytm" to yours!  Enjoy in good healthtm!"

Darling Donna’s Delicious Nutritious Kitchentm!                                          

                Recipes including super foods that people have begged 

     and cajoled to eat over and over again!  Foods such as baked                                                       

Ancient HarvestR brand quinoa and corn pasta(the only pasta                                          

of its kind made in the U.S.!) and cheese, and chia rice                                                

pudding, the latter of which has more protein than beans, more                           

iron than spinach, is very high in fiber, has the highest amount of any vegetable                                  

source ofOmega-3  fatty acids, has more calcium than milk,                          


and on and on!  Who  knew?!                               

        Oliver Grandi, of Jamaica, Queens, New York,                    

who is a confirmed health food fanatic said over and over in very            

many ways to Darling Donnatm who tested her recipes on him:                         


“You have a decided knack for making absolutely delicious                 

healthful foods!”  Karen Foster, late of Jamaica, New

York, called the day before Thanksgiving in 2013 ostensibly

only to wish Darling Donnatm Happy Thanksgiving but probably

to get offered some dinner, you know how it is ;)!, and on and on!

        Be part of the healthful delicious food revolution sweeping

the world!  Let’s put Darling Donna’stm food/Special Reserve

Iced Teas in grocery stores’ frozen, fresh, and refrigerated foods' aisles

throughout the U.S.,the U.K., and Canada no later than the end of 2017! 

     Darling Donnatm is looking for a licensing agreement

with a proposed advance and/or investment of $250,000 or under

(negotiable) and royalties of (three percent)3% to (7.5 percent)7.5% of the

net profit accrued per year from sales of her

line/brand of super foods/Special Reserve Iced Teas, for at least(seven)

7 years, with the complete rights to the Darling Donna'stm

 brand/food/Special Reserve Iced Teas lines to belong entirely to the licensee after that for having taken the risk  to bring them to market if the licensee wishes (though not for an advance under

$70,000; or I would require perpetual royalties)  The licensee MUST manufacture these products to fair trade, USDA Certified Organic, and non-gmo standards in the U.S. and the minimum salary for manufacturing plant employees must be $30,000 each per year with all employees having theCadillac of health insurance and profits sharing; this is with a total employee load of no more than100.  I approximate that the above can be done for $1.50 per product produced, with us using no more than $2.50 total to produce each product including the above criteria and ingredients with each product to be sold wholesale for $4 leaving a net profit of $1.50 for us, and retailers/distributors to share the approximately $2 mark-up on the SRP (Suggested Retail Price)of $5.99 except for the iced teas (I have a quote from, Saul Hirschhorn, of www.Powerbrands.us  of$12,500 per formulation to forumulate, design labeling and market two flavors to distributors.  After that, it would cost approximately 50 cents per bottle to bottle the tea with a minimum run of 60,000 bottles or $30,000 of each flavor for the first run.  SRP (Suggested Retail Price) of $3 per 16 oz. bottle would yield at the upper limit $1.25 net profit for us and $1.25 mark-up to be shared by distributors and retailers.  This gentleman says they can also help me get further investors.  I have his phone number; I last spoke with him on Tuesday,August 11, 2015.  I would like to have the words, "Love," (printed in hot pink), "Inner Peace," (printed in Cyan Blue), and "Joy," (printed in purple which colors represent the spiritual vibrations of these feelings) on our Iced Teas bottles' labels according to the research of Masuro Emoto on the effects of this practice on water crystals, except these words will be facing outward on the bottles with a blurb with information on Emoto's ground-breaking research in this vein and to be called, "Darling Donna's Special Reserve Teas" perhaps as a subbrand under some licensee like Pure Leaf TeaR).  This gives a total of approximately$10 million the first yearNET  profit by selling only four(4) of each of the approximate eight (8) products in this line per month in each (not including the teas) of 20% of the approximately120,000 total major grocery stores in the U.S., the U.K.,and Canada by a licensee.  If I have to manufacture and do R & D (Research and Development) on the products without a licensee,I plan to hire professional food, Rachel Zemser, MS, CCS, Professional Food Science and Product Development Consultant, to do the R & D and other scientific things necessary and to help us get the right co-packer, then we will try to get eight (8) products per week to at least 3,000 stores at a cost of approximately $150,000 up front from your investment  (plus $85,000 with $12,500 each to develop two flavors, one with caramel and one with fresh lemon/lime juice and to produce 60,000 of each at 50 cents per bottle for a total of $60,000 of my Special Reserve Iced Teas) of the total $250,000 investment should I need to do this myselfI'm asking and  of the $2.50 cost per product production to produce approximately 100,000 products per month to be paid upfront with the remaining $15,000 of your original investment to go toward trademark applications, incorporating the comapny (I'm not sure yet what legal form I want the business to take, e.g., S-Corp., C-Corp, LLC, etc. and am taking advice on this from potential investors) and anything remaining after that going for working capital with the remaining $100,000 to be paid to the co-packer upon sale of the products out of the total $400,000 ($4 per product) that we receive for their sale leaving $250,000 to pay for the next run and $150,000 to pay down debt and working capital fro a minimum total valuation of $1.8 million the first year based on the $150,000 per month working capital that will be available.  I have not yet envisioned how we will ramp up our production if I have to do this without a licensee; maybe investors could suggest ways to do this perhaps with further investment or larger initial investment.


I also am presently working to try to conduct a clinical trial with the NIH (National Institutes of Health) to scientifically determine the efficacy of an alternative herbal mixture in the remediation/cure of end stage breast and colon cancer.  I am presently in discussions with a Clinical Research consultant and running a crowdfunding campaing here:  http://goget.fund/1VGI6kc to get help to do this; I also encourage investment inquiries for this venture.

Some of the things I'd like to do with some of the profits I get from any of my projects are:  buy, in cash, a lovely house in a lovely neighborhood that I want to live in, and at least one more from a prospectus that I have received which prospectus I'll be glad to forward to you that sounds like a really good deal with three benefits of said investment being rent guaranteed for five years, $150,000 guaranteed equity, and property taxes waived for a decade.  

I also want to donate some of my money, should my royalties/profits be in the millions of dollars, to IDAs or Individual Development Account programs that match working people's savings $1 to $3 per $1 that each person saves to help the person/family purchase a home, start a business, or go to school and create my own such program which I see as a hand up not a hand out.  
Finally, for the time being, I'd like to compete for the Pulitzer again with my emotionally gripping and intense book of poetry entitled, The Universal Mother (the raw but subtle eroticism of some of which poems make even me blush!) I have dedicated this book to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor with whom I have been having a cordial colloquy by postal mail, with her praising repeatedly, in writing, what she perceives to be my wisdom and generosity and general excellence!  I have saved all her correspondence to me as well as the envelopes they came in with their postmarks!  I have also dedicated this book to others of my nearest and dearest!  I published this book on January 2, 2017 and I have completed my entry for the Pulitzer this year with it, with the decision to be made upon the winner of that Prize sometime in the Spring of 2018.
Finally, I have another venture the essence of which I have used over three decades to show that disabled does not mean unable and with which I have secured in the hundreds of thousands of dollars in financial benefits and other money and made some of my wildest dreams come true, like having competed for the Pulitzer in 2009 with my first book entitled, Nowheresville, Everywhere, Earth, which is where many people find themselves.  I believe through my "Survive Until You Thrive Money Makeoverstm" I can help others do the same.  I'd like to someday franchise this system.
Seriously interested principals may contact me anytime at (718) 480-8863 or avataress@msn.com.