Defrost Indicator - Frozen Breast Milk


Our device is used by Mothers who freeze and store Breast Milk. The device will advise if an unknown defrost and refreeze may have occurred thus spoiling the milk and or other frozen perishables in the freezer. Our device can be used in any freezer.

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Posted by Erik Palin under Household

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Defrost Indicator - Frozen Breast Milk
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The Defrost Indicator (aka Defrost Detector) is a patented device (US Patent No. 8,028,533) used to easily determine if a freezer and its contents has undergone an unknown defrost and refreeze cycle unbeknowst to the freezer owner. This detection occurs without the use of expensive electronics or toxic chemicals and the device can be easily reset and reused once a defrost detection event has occured and been detected.

Use of this device will provide users who consume perishable foods which are normally not cooked upon defrosting (i.e. frozen prawns for shrimp cocktails, breast milk for infants, steak tartar for raw meat lovers, frozen raw meat for high end pet diets, etc) a reliable and easy to use device which can provide peace of mind that their frozen perishibles have remained safely frozen.

The device is great for those with busy schedules who travel away from home and for those who live in areas where blackouts occur.

More information on this device is available on our website at www.defrostdetector.com