Disposable Pepper Spray Watch Attachment


Pepper spray is currently marketed as one of the most practical ways of self-defense: as it should be. However, it is a hard thing to effectively store on your person for quick use. This unique device solves that by becoming a part of your favorite watch.

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Posted by Adrian Sanchez under Electronics & Gadgets

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Disposable Pepper Spray Watch Attachment
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Intro] Currently, pepper spray is marketed as a good way to defend yourself at close-quarters. While there is evidence to support this, there are improvements that could be made. 

The true utility of pepper spray is that it is a convenient way to protect yourself. With minimal training, the user can go from defenseless to easily fortified. Still, for pepper spray to serve its purpose, it must be within reach. As of right now, the options of carrying pepper spray on your person do not allow it to be easily on hand. You will not have a pepper spray bottle in your hands at all times (no matter how much you carry it with you). Thus, you have to either attach it to a key-chain, keep it in your pocket, hook it onto your belt loop, etc. 

When you look critically at these options, they are impractical. In order to successfully defend yourself, the user must perform many actions in a small amount of time: grabbing the bottle from where it is stored, deactivating the safety, aiming, and shooting the pepper spray. While the action of grabbing the bottle from where it’s stored may seem trivial, the time it takes to do so is costly. 

Imagine there was a way to traverse these barriers by having pepper spray on your person in a non-invasive and quick to access and execute way. With an easy system of attaching/detaching the pepper spray to your person, you could have security at all times without even really noting the pepper spray was there. There would also be no risk of accidentally setting it off at unnecessary times. However, if an attacker suddenly closed in from nearby, the pepper spray could be ready to use instantaneously. 

The secret to this concept of “non-invasive” defense mechanisms for pepper spray can be found in the idea of a practical, safe, and easily activated Disposable Pepper Spray Watch Attachment... Like this one.


How It Works] This device works because of its unique shape and design. With a circular shaped chamber (pressurized), leading into crescent shaped chamber (not pressurized), the encompassed OC spray flows from first to the latter, propelled by pressure, as the device is activated. As the Pepper Spray Watch Attachment is triggered, and being held in the correct defensive position, one’s fingers catalyze this OC solution by pressing into the two activating tabs (on opposite ends of the device) at the same time. Thus, these tabs and the poles attached to them push into the sides of a stopper, which plugs a hole that separates the two chamber’s contents. This applies a perpindicular force and allows the stopper to be propelled out of its snug fit inside the hole. Thus, creating an opening for OC solution to become self-defense pepper spray as it flows into the crescent-shaped chamber’s nozzles into the outside surroundings.

             Not to mention, the device has a safety mechanism to prevent accidents, because the attached poles to the activating tabs are unable to be pushed in while this safety mechanism is on. Yet, while the safety is off, they do not block the activating tabs which can impulsively be pushed in at the same time to release the spray from the backside of your watch. The purpose of the dynamics of these various components working together, to form the device that is the Pepper Spray Watch Attachment, is to prevent accidents happening to the user and allow effective release of the spray in a practically designed way for the user. Attached to any given watch by a thin-adhesive cylindrical magnet (essentially matching the watch’s radius) the device is a non-invasive form of the user having the potential to defend themselves at any given moment, with no necessary prior self-defense training or experience of any kind.

 Conclusion] Ultimately, the Disposable Pepper Spray Watch Attachment can bring a lot to the table. It enables pepper spray to be easily stored on your person. Thus, allows the defensive spray to be even more effective.

It is true that another form of self-defense can be just as effective, whether it’s a Taser, a Revolver, or Martial Arts, but they simply don't offer the same benefits as this device. What allows it to surpass other forms of self-defense is the practicality of it: it requires no training, can be carried on a person-whenever needed, is incredibly non-invasive, is a very reliable way to quickly deter aggressors, is exceedingly affordable, etc. No one can truly guarantee the entirety of their own safety in a grave situation, with any type of self-defense approach (no matter how advanced it may be). There is always room for error. 

Yet, while this may be true, the Disposable Pepper Spray Watch Attachment reduces this “room for error” drastically, and does so in a non-invasive way. A way that other self-defense weapons simply can’t because at the end of the day it is practical, safe, easily activated, and all one has to do, is attach it to their favorite watch. 

 Worth Noting:

1. Provisionally Patented & A Utility Patent Is Currently Being Completed.

2. Physics calculations completed and the device is indeed physically viable in both spraying the OC solution and doing so effectively and safely for the user.

3. Have completed an 18-Page Device Overview for those interested in further understanding the device in general or for potential interest in liscensing/manufacturing.

-Adrian Sanchez-       -University of Michigan-     -Material Science Engineering-