Emergency Electronic Traffic Alert Light


Our invention is patented in U.S. and Canada and relates to a battery powered traffic alert device for alerting on-coming motorists and pedestrians to a potentially hazardous roadway or walkway condition. Invented to replace "dangerous" flares.

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Posted by J. Williamson under Automotive

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Emergency Electronic Traffic Alert Light
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Emergency traffic conditions often arise which require the immediate or special attention of motorists, pedestrians & other thoroughfare users. Emergency situations, for instance, may result from traffic accidents, road construction, road closures, traffic light malfunctions, detours, road obstructions & other temporary or permanent hazards. Often, these hazards are accompanied by inclement weather condition such as rain, fog, sleet, snow or dark of night.

Traffic alert devices have been developed to caution roadway users of unusual condtions. "Fusee" Flares occasionally are used either alone or in conjection with cones and barricades to increase visibility. Yet, flares can be time consuming & potentially dangerous to ignite. Moreover, flares can cause injury to persons & damage to vehicles that inadvertently come into contact with the flare. Likewise, flares produce gagging fumes & smoke and pose a fire hazard.

Flares are inappropriate for indoor uses, or for accidents near dry brush or involving chemical spills or gas leaks. In addtion, these flares have a limited duration & lifespan. They may burn out prior to help arriving, or prior to the expiration of the emergency condition. Our primary object was to invent a traffic device(light) that is highly visible to oncoming traffic but sufficiently strong & durable and can be driven over by vehicles.

It is environmentally safe, compact, reusable, can be operated for long periods of time and can be easily seen & economically manufactured using known components and manufacturing techniques.  Ideal for Police Departments, Fire & Rescue, Road Crews, Boaters, Hikers, Truckers and General public where the situation warrants an "Alert Device" to potencial hazarous conditions.

XX1, LLC, our Company has "Utility Patents" in the "United States" and "Canada" and we are looking for a buyer or to license out the patents. The reason to buy or license our patents is simple. We have patents, which most companies can not make a claim to.