Emergency Portable Obst/ Incubator Kit /


An emergency kit that deploy to become a portable incubator for ambulances/ aircrafts/ rescue/ midwife The incubator heats up to keep baby warm just after delivery as well as to keep umbilical cord in a cool compartment for stem cells.

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Posted by Rene Bilodeau under Healthcare

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Emergency Portable Obst/ Incubator Kit /
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It is a unit that can be fitted into the wall/ floor/ ceiling of an ambulance with permanent enclosure or without. Once you use the unit it deploy into a portable incubator to make an emergency delivery for newborn in any climate conditions.

It is possible to use the unit in aircraft or simply for emergency evacuation of neonatology department in hospitals. The unit heats up to maintain newborn in good optimal health during transport to appropriate hospitals. The unit cools down to keep amputee members avoiding deterioration before surgery.

The inside is completely disposable and runs with batteries. It works with oxygen and use all standards surveillance equipment already in ambulances. 

This is a product that will fit the needs of all ambulance services and midwifes as maintaining premature or multiple babies in a safe environment during transport just after delivery.The unit will operate on batteries as well as 12 volt ambulances and 24 volt in aircrafts ambulances.I had preview options for remote areas where climate is problems.It is a product that is made with plastic acrylic carbon fiber and silicon.

It is a repeat sales because the inside is disposable to prevent cross contamination between babies. The product is also made to be sterilized.