Exciting& Unique New Air Tool Accessory


I have invented a exciting and unique new air tool accessory. The complete name of the product is the 3 In One Air Supply. This unit will allow multiple task to be be completed simultaneously on it. It saves time and money.

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Posted by Mark Shumway under Industrial

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Exciting& Unique New Air Tool Accessory
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This unit is very compact and easy to use. I have 2 complete working prototypes which has been in full use for the past 3 years. It will work with all air tools on the market today. At this point and time I am seeking a Licensing and Manufacture for this product. I have a complete press release explaining more detailed information on this invention. If you may have any further questions feel free to contact me. At-419-610-0898 I also have just been Granted a Full and complete Design Patent on my Invention.

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Mark Shumway