Gear Head Hat A Must Have For Gear Heads


"Get Your Gears On" Whether your going to Nascar,drag racing, dirt track ,any thing a Gear Head would do !! This is a Crazy way to show your a TRUE GEAR HEAD !!

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Posted by Tim Lee under Automotive

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Gear Head Hat A Must Have For Gear Heads
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"How to use a Gear Head Hat"
1st Gear:
Its a hat,of course!
Wear yours to support your favorite team.
You can also personalize Your Gear Head with your FAVORITE DRIVERS NUMBER !!!
2nd Gear: "Frosty Cold Gear"
Everyone likes frosty cold gear!
Take the center out of your hat and it's a great koozie.
Fully insulated and almost impossible to spill!

3rd Gear:"Safety Gear"
Ear plugs of course!
When the engines are screaming and you have to read lips to understand what your friends are saying,it's time for "Safety Gear" !
Tear off a piece that you took out of the center to make your koozie
(see 2nd Gear)
and plug those ears!

4th Gear:"Gear Warmers"
Ear gear for cold days.
Place the "Gear Head" over your ears for warmth.
5th Gear:"Wax your ride"
So,the race is over-but the uses for your "Gear Head" are not!
Use it to wash your car or truck.
It's the perfect size to really give those wheels and tires a shine!

"Rear Gear"
Of course!
Just what the doctor ordered...
And for you Dodge fans,does that thing have a Hemi in it?
Ha ! Ha!
Leave in the center or take it out,
Sit on it and you now have "Rear Gear"

Add a string to your hat
(run it through the tabs of your favorite beverage)
and you now have 8 cans of cold liquid on your head!
How many people do you know who can do that?
Never be thirsty again!

"K-9" fan!
Turn your favorite pet into a "Gear Animal"

They are also GREAT entertainment for any children you may have 

riding in the backseat on long trips.This saves you from having to reach for toys that land in the floor !!

We have Red,
and Black !!!