Gps Without Expensive Satellites(klas)


KLAS is the only fully autonomous measuring system for determining the position of the block of the Earth to determine the coordinates in real time t, without need to communicate with any external system of reference.

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Posted by Livius Ilasz, Esq under Electronics & Gadgets

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Gps  Without Expensive Satellites(klas)
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Intended purpose of the present invention and its practical application is the determination of geographical coordinates (X, Y, Z) of any point on a block of the Earth, in the geocentric system.  The widespread use of the devices according to the invention, and the ability to collect information on the current geographical position of each of these devices will allow for the formation of a new class of maps, which are more accurate, including on-time mode, mapping of the Earth's surface, including the bottom surface of the seas and oceans.  The system works underground, in tunnels, and underwater where standard GPS will not work.

KLAS is a technological solution that is a part of a new class of high-tech systems, which will use the latest laser technology, optoelectronics, laser interferometry, metrology of laser light frequency, and a new theory developed by the authors of geodesy in relativistic model) as Kinematic Geodesy (GK).  (Patent pending and for more information, please contact the legal representative below)

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