Hard Hat Stabilizing World First Inventi


A never been seen before Hat/cap & a Hard Hat stabilizing accessory, to stop the headgear from falling of when bending very low or blowing away in the wind, no chin strap needed, this solves ALL the problems associated with wearing head gear of all ty

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Posted by Lorraine Sullivan under Household

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Hard Hat Stabilizing World First Inventi
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Headgear stabilizing accessory for Hard Hats / Sun hats, Baseball Caps etc.

A headgear stabilizing and ventilating apparatus ( accessory) comprises a flexible material having attachment means provided on a first side thereof and a plurality of resilient flexible spacing means provided in a second side thereof. The length of the flexible material enables the apparatus to be positioned within a brim portion of an article of headgear enabling the spacing means to engage the user head, stopping the hat or hardhat from slipping sliding or blowing off in the wind or when bending down. secures all types of head wear, no competition. nothing like it exists.
a world first.

The benefits to both products HATRIX for hats, caps,visors & SAFE-MATE for all industrial Safety helmets.

1 Stops headgear from falling of when bending over.
2 Prevents headgear from slipping
3 Keeps the wearer cool and head drier from perspiration
4 Keeps headgear clean and dry
5 fits your shape head better  than standard head gear. 
6 no need for hat chin straps
7 Your hat will not blow away in the wind
8 fits summer hats ladies or men, straw, felt, cotton, leather, etc
9 for Fishing, sports, horse riding, boating, golf, base ball caps etc.
10 Keeps your hat clean.
11 A breeze will pass under your hat while you are wearing it keeping you cool
12 No steamy build up under your hat

PLUS MORE  hard to believe I know.

Economic and financial information

I would be seeking an outright sale, or lump sum with royalties.

The market has potential to reach most house holds as well as the industrial safety helmet sector.

A professional Market research was conducted on this new product, by a renowned university, they tested the market with a proto type only and determined that there was a market for Hatrix. there suggestion was to survey the market with the finished product for a more accurate result, but the proto type gave me the answers I needed to continue.

Two products under the one patent. Purchase one or both.

Trade marked as Safe-Mate for all types of Industrial Hard Hats.

please read the testimonial on this site.

Both products cost 80 cents to manufacture in China and both retail for $12.00 USA.
I find customers that love the Hatrix purchase additional 2 to 4 units for other hats or family members. The workers who love Safe-Mate spread by word of mouth, job to job.

Check out my unprofessional demo on my web site :)