Hesting Power Turbine Device Patented


Water,Air,Steam, Gas/Air Alternatives adaptable power converter turbine engine. Patented 2013, construction manual copyright 2012. Turbine and platform built and tested.

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Posted by Daniel Hesting under Green Energy

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Hesting Power Turbine Device Patented
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Full Description

The Hesting Power turbine is a turbine engine that converts power sources such as   steam, air, gas/ air and water into usable mechanical energy. The turbine can manage these sources efficiently through ventilation and regulation. This innovative product is composed of various metels, steel,aluminum,bearings, and small amounts of lubricant. The disc units set within octagonal-shaped shaped shrouds. The turbine works by collecting power from above mentioned sources directing it into the collection chambers between the disc units thus, converting the power source from raw power into usable mechanical energy. Working units can be viewed in detail on e-bay by going to the search engine and type in Hesting Power Turbine. The units can be purchased in limited number. For business opportunities, licensing or sale of the patent and copyright contact dhesting@gmail.com or call 316-425-3104 ph. 316-299-9370 cell.