Holiday Lights Storage And Decoration


A storage combined apparatus and decor item for Christmas or Halloween decorative holiday lights acts as both a storage unit and standing individual holiday decoration.

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Posted by Annette Nelson under Household

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Holiday Lights Storage And Decoration
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The embodiment, a Christmas light storage apparatus is disclosed having a hollow mold of decorative form; a base with an inner shaft attached to the base at the bottom end of the shaft. the top disk placed and attached at head opening in fitting circular cove. The top, bottom and sides define the cavity for storing items. The top bottom and sides are in the form of a relating holiday decorative figure. A shaft is disposed within the cavity and is used to store strings of lights or other corded items by wrapping the lights around the shaft. The shaft includes an inner and an outer shaft. The inner shaft is fixedly connected to the bottom of the hollow figure.2 for decorative and holiday lights. Storage apparatus comprises a central rod with two ends, a first and second end. Attached to the first end of the central rod is a disc consisting of a handle for removal and replacement of the rod.

Sizing of hollow structure optional based on storage of light for either inside smaller Christmas tree decorative or holiday lights or lager outside home decorative or holiday lights.

Located on the central rod are a plurality of nodules which have the shape of 3D triangles. The nodules are spaced out in rows for neatly winding of holiday or decorative lights.