Home Brew Sediment Catcher


Removes sediment from homebrew beer, wine and sparkling wine(champagne)from the bottle without opening the bottle and without loosing pressure thus no more cloudy alcohol.

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Posted by Brett Shellcot under Miscellaneous

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Home Brew Sediment Catcher
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Are you annoyed at not being able to take your home brewed beer to parties, camping, BBQ's etc. owing to the fact that by the time you get it there it is one cloudy mess? So you say no I won't take it and instead you go down to the liquor store and pay 10 times the price for a beer that you don't particularly like. Think about it!  How many home brewers have this problem?  Well not any more!  The  Sediment Catcher can solve all these problems.  A home brewer has on average  between 30 and 300 bottles on the shelf at any one time.  If you would like to see an unbiased independent test done on this totally 100% reusable product by a Canadian  gentleman Craig Farraway of Craig Tube, click on the following link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2PPBmJZFd0  the film clip goes for about 17-18 minutes.

100% REUSABLE many many times over

The tooling can be altered to suit the standard plastic P.E.T. thread, at the moment it suits standard screw top glass beer bottles.

No large warehouses required for assembly.

All shipping can be arranged ex Darwin NT

Good profitability achievable

The patent pending allows for the catcher to be adapted so it can be used in the home brew sparkling wine (champagne) market as well. YES it will handle the pressures of sparkling wine without any problems, it was engineered specifically to do this! 

What you are buying:-.

The injection moulding tooling (four separate tools approx. 4000 lbs in weight).

The Web site www.sedexbrewing.com

 Stock includes approx 980,000 food grade "O" rings,190,000 stainless steel springs,

20,000 unassembled catchers, packaging, assembly equipment.

Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us either through  our web site.