Hoster - Hands-free Watering Assistance


A hoster is a timesaving invention for holding a garden hose for watering a specific area of lawn or garden. It allows a user to just walk away and tend to other more important activities. The system consists of a 36" steel post and a hoster.

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Posted by Edward Votypka under Green Energy

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Hoster - Hands-free Watering Assistance
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hoster is trademarked name and has had a design patent granted - D497793, issued on November 4, 2004. hoster is currently being marketed online via www.hosterco.com.

The device is simple to operate since thee are no moving parts - just position (push into the ground) the steel post near an area to be watered, snap a plain garden hose in the retaining clamps  of the hoster, aim the nozzle at the area to be watered and lower the device onto the post. And, don't forget to turn on the water. Repositioning of the device is also simple - either by reaiming the hoster and lowering onto thepost or by moving the steel post to a new location, without having to remove the hoster from the post. The vertical direction can easily be controlled by means of the upward and downward angles of the hoster water trough and horizontally by means of the unique ratcheted coupling the mounts the hoster unto the post.  

The color of hoster is green and is one-piece molded plastic material and can withstand harsh weather conditions. The green color allows blending with the environment.

hoster is not dependent on a flat surface to operate since the steel post is pushed into the ground. And finally, water is saved by directing the spray to specific areas instead of sidewalks, walls or buildings.