Hotflops Unique Fun Functional Foot Wear


Hotflops is an innovative patented system, a one piece molded thong to accept an endless variety of themed decorative attachments.Poker flops, Soccer flops, Bubble flops, Grape flops, Wedding flops, Cheer flops, Baseball flops to name a few hot styles.

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Posted by LINDA SPANN under Miscellaneous

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Hotflops Unique Fun Functional Foot Wear
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Hotflops sells one, simple, well-made product.  They are unusually well made and well-priced.  Like Beanie Babies, they are a perfect gift, but they can be used every day.  The sports themed flops are a great way to complete your “fan” attire at a sporting event.  You got your t-shirt, you got your hat…and now you got your Hotflops…You can take them out to the ballgame…the football game, the basketball game, the hockey game…The possibilities are endless and that is the true secret of Hotflops.  The unique patented system allows attachments without the use of wire, rivets, glue or any other uncomfortable device.  The one piece molded thong allows for any attachment that one can think of—and so these flops can go just about anywhere.  The sole is made of two layers of EVA fused to hold the thong firmly.  The top layer of EVA is soft and cushiony against the foot, and the bottom layer is tough and durable against the ground.  Hotflops holds 19 separate, distinct patents related to their design.  Linda Spann, owner and inventor of hotflops, is an ex-aeronautical engineer and she envisioned the system that would hold all the dazzling attachments comfortably and securely.  She angled the toe piece to make these flops uncommonly comfortable from the first time you slide your foot into one.  These inventions were unique and she did secure patents that protect these innovations. Linda says she knew that she had a winner when people approached her reps in public trying to buy the flops right off their feet.

Hotflops  are an infectiously fun product.  They bring a smile to everyone’s face when they first see them, and when they try them on---the flops sell themselves.