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  • Patented Internal Combustion Engine

    A New Patented Internal Combustion engine that greatly reduces the number of parts needed to operate.

  • Low Profile Oil Drain Cart

    A low profile oil drain cart that has no competition. The main objective of this cart is to protect the user from getting hot oil on the user and on the floor. Changing oil on a big truck can be a Challenge. Not with this low profile oil drain cart.

  • Autoapp Can Diagnose Car In 10minute

    the app would record the sound from the car and send it through a database of sounds.

  • Auto Fuel Saver Device,us Patent#7899606


  • Allen Key With 42% More Torque

    With 1000's of uses from bicycle maintenance to flatpack furniture, and over 60,000 global google searches for allen keys every month, there is a gap in the market for a new allen key.

  • Retractable Mud Flap

    The invention is a simple concept that raises and lowers the mud flap with a flip of a switch from the cab of the truck. See website www.retractablemudflap.com

  • New Firefighting Apparatus

    New firefighting apparatus, Using new technology to fire fighting and making it much faster and more efficient to work from fire engulfed areas,

  • Computer Mount For Motorcycle

    A computer mount for both law enforcement and civilian applications that will enable the user to store a full size laptop in the rear top box of a motorcycle (US Patent #7,384,087 B2 / June 10, 2008). Patent available for lease or sale.

  • Side View Mirror Clearing System

    Air Vizion Technologies Mirror Clearing System allows drivers of industrial trucks to clear moisture from side view mirrors via the flip of a switch. Drivers get instant visibility by clearing moisture from mirrors to allow safe backing and lane changing

  • Gear Head Hat A Must Have For Gear Heads

    "Get Your Gears On" Whether your going to Nascar,drag racing, dirt track ,any thing a Gear Head would do !! This is a Crazy way to show your a TRUE GEAR HEAD !!

  • Active Ventilation Device

    Device is designed for all time usage during the *hot days* season, whereby the housing is easily installed and mounted between the glass and the frame of the window; further more this active device does not require any user intervening when installed.

  • Emergency Electronic Traffic Alert Light

    Our invention is patented in U.S. and Canada and relates to a battery powered traffic alert device for alerting on-coming motorists and pedestrians to a potentially hazardous roadway or walkway condition. Invented to replace "dangerous" flares.

  • Pickup Truck Cargo Bed Extender

    a heavy duty pickup truck cargo bed extender designed for the construction industry.

  • Tracking Installed Equipment For Repair

    System and method for tracking installed equipment and deploying spare parts

  • Utility Truck Bed Cover

    Product is multi-functional. Functions as a locking truck bedcover, load rack and signage for advertising. Nothing on the market like it!! View website for greater details. www.splittops.com

  • Simple Eyewear Caddy For Cars And Home

    Eyewear caddy holds Rx and sunglasses securely to the corner of a car windshield or bathroom mirror. Prevents your expensive glasses from getting scuffed as they slide across the dashboard! No more sitting on your frames!

  • Revolutionary Tire Valve/pressure Gauge

    The Q-V valve consists of a permanent irremovable dust cap, a built-in tire pressure gauge (with numbers, lines and indicator) viewed through a transparent window located in the center of the valve.

  • Ultimate Car Salon Protector

    A multifanctional car seat cover that protects the car from all sides and also can be used as a cargo area cover with compartments

  • Quality And Quanity Fluidt Sensor

    A multi-function IN-LINE sensor to monitor and control fluid quality and quantity in autonomous systems of car engine and transmission, trucks , marine, aircraft and machine tools. Available for either Licensing or sales

  • Assistive Wheel Change Tool

    The WheelAssist™ an easy-to-use, portable tool that makes it easy to mount wheels on vehicles. It allows one to height-adjust, horizontally-maneuver, as well as rotate a wheel for stud alignment. A must-have for heavy wheels or frequent wheel change

  • Self Closing Dripfree Pour Spout

    Self closing spill and drip free pour spout designed to thred on to 1 liter and 4 liter containers such as oil, antifreeze and windshield washer fluid. Trouble free pouring that is pet safe and very invironmentaly friendly.

  • Patent D581985 For Sale Or License

    The "Hanging Sign" Patent #D581985 issued December 2nd. 2008 for term of 14 yr. Will change the automobile "for sale" sign industry. View at www.uspto.gov. Terms available. Contact Hanging Sign at; POBx 3347 Beaumont, CA. 92223.

  • Life Saving Car Skid Inhibitor Patent

    The Life-Saving Car Skid Inhibitor is an automotive safety device designed to melt snow and ice on the roadways, to prevent tires from skidding.

  • Occupant Safey

    A sequence of alarming systems to assure u respond to notification of child in car. The vehicle will also adjust temperature in vehicle after a given time to keep child safe until response arrives.