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  • "protein Gems" - Frozen, Protein Bars

    "protein Gems" - Frozen, Protein Bars

    Frozen, Organic, Dark Chocolate Grass-fed Whey Protein Chunk Bars.

  • Seallwheel - Save Time And Your Fingers

    Seallwheel - Save Time And Your Fingers

    A tool that saves your fingers from cuts while cutting packaging time in Half.

  • Ainsley's Instant Made Coffe

    Ainsley's Instant Made Coffe

    A instant made coffee, that provides convienance, and portability. All containers will already contain Coffee, Tea, Cappacino, or Hot Cocoa content, thus adding water creating a solution of goodness.

  • Automatic Grocery Bag Opener # 6931817

    Automatic Grocery Bag Opener # 6931817

    Patented to automatically open produce and carry-out bags. Sensor Activated in any retail outlet on the AUTOMATIC GROCERY BAG OPENER # 6931817 I have a large US company that will license my Patent. Looking for an investor to help me take to market.

  • Modernized Bar Utensil

    Modernized Bar Utensil

    GREAT POTENTIAL! New concept on a old design. Looking for investers to bring product to market. Product drawings have been generated and marketing strategies conceived.

  • Steadfast Restaurant Table Base

    Steadfast Restaurant Table Base

    Self leveling restaurant table base. Quick & easy

  • Ring Bottle Opener   Quick Up

    Ring Bottle Opener Quick Up

    I sell international intellectual properties (patents and models and trademlark) and commercial license (worldwide) of a new product : RING BOTTLE OPENER (QUICK UP)

  • No-tie Apron For Adults And Kids

    No-tie Apron For Adults And Kids

    We hold a US Utility Patent on a No-Tie apron using Hook and Loop Technology. Our No-Tie Aprons are comfortable to wear, no tie strings and easy to remove.