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  • Hotflops Unique Fun Functional Foot Wear

    Hotflops Unique Fun Functional Foot Wear

    Hotflops is an innovative patented system, a one piece molded thong to accept an endless variety of themed decorative attachments.Poker flops, Soccer flops, Bubble flops, Grape flops, Wedding flops, Cheer flops, Baseball flops to name a few hot styles.

  • Link It     A Safe Toy For Kids

    Link It A Safe Toy For Kids

    link it is large building blocks we are looking for investors to help manufacture promote this toy and share in profits this toy has a patent pending in the usa

  • Wine Glass Holder For The Outdoors

    Wine Glass Holder For The Outdoors

    This wine glass holder is designed to be used outdoors, as in picnics, music concerts, at the Beach. Also useful on boats or spas with the wine Glass holder your drinks will never ever Spill Again!!! now you have your hands free, to do as you please!!!

  • Home Brew Sediment Catcher

    Home Brew Sediment Catcher

    Removes sediment from homebrew beer, wine and sparkling wine(champagne)from the bottle without opening the bottle and without loosing pressure thus no more cloudy alcohol.

  • Cigarette Drops

    Cigarette Drops

    Comes in several different flavors to enhance your smoking experience. Can be used with cigarettes, cigars or rolled cigarettes. Also comes in a "STOP SMOKING" flavor used to help people quit.

  • Agrohomoeopathy


    agrohomoeopathy is emerging science in the field of organic farming. It is complete alternative system for the existing hazardous chemical fertilizers and pesticides.innovation of Homeopathic plant nutrients and protectors is big breakthrough in the field

  • The Stirwhip Stirrer/mixer

    The Stirwhip Stirrer/mixer

    The Stirwhip is a stirrer tool like no other in the market. It mixes paints, putties, glues, compounds and concrete. The flexible head unit can enter and exit small openings and mix the contents without removing the lid!

  • U.s. Pat. #6922154  Infant Safety Device

    U.s. Pat. #6922154 Infant Safety Device

    Selling now my utility patent for $20,000.0 Maida J.K. (inventor)

  • Patented Infant Car Seat Needs Licensee.

    Patented Infant Car Seat Needs Licensee.

    An infant car seat with a base and a carrier. When carrier is detatched, with its wheels and extendable locking handle, quick and easy transportation. Or you could pull the base out, drop the wheels, attach carrier and have a full sized stroller.

  • Interested In Licensing Agreement

    Interested In Licensing Agreement

    The Big Scrunchy can be used from picnics and parties to storing umbrellas and used as a tie-back for curtains. It's also great for using at the beach or pool to secure your beach towel to your chair preventing it from blowing away. (Patent Pending)

  • Cell Phone Key Case Combination Patented

    Cell Phone Key Case Combination Patented

    Market tested and accepted,wristlet/clutch purse accommodating cell phone, keys,credit cards, ID'S.Keys concealed in bag when not in use or instantly released when needed, utilizing "the laws of gravity" no batteries or electronics involved.

  • Baby & Mom Pillow With Safety Device

    Baby & Mom Pillow With Safety Device

    This product is covered by 2 patents. It's a great product with a safety feature like no other. Both patents are being sold. My product - has great marketing aspects and features. It has great sales presence and unique feature that has been well received.

  • Justfuckit


    This clothing brand is an evolution of my thought process.

  • The Perfect Finishing Touch

    The Perfect Finishing Touch

    Snug-fitting Lycra slip-ons for the feet with embossed simulated toenails that gives the appearance of a complete fully-colored pedicure.