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  • All Organic Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids

    All Organic Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids

    Several combinations of organic hydraulic fracturing fluids have been tested and a few combination can be used. These organic fluids are comprised of dry organic material and mixed with water.

  • Artificial Intelligence (ai) Planning

    Artificial Intelligence (ai) Planning

    The invention is a way of getting computers to behave intelligently to satsify goals. It is known as planning as modeling because it is based on the idea that planning and modeling are closely linked: planning is really a special case of modeling.

  • Tornado And Severe Weather Alarm

    Tornado And Severe Weather Alarm

    A totally self contained unit the size of a smoke detector that does not require programming nor does it rely on weatherband of any kind. We have marketed the unit and sold everything we had. Our warning times have been as much as 90 minutes

  • Best Sound Diffuser Low Frequency Absorb

    Best Sound Diffuser Low Frequency Absorb

    This is a sound diffuser device that surpasses all previous competitive diffusers and is ready to be installed easily in any critical listening or performance facility. It is a lightweight, thermoformed complex hard plastic device, which is self-adjusted.

  • Microbial Destructor Of Hydrocarbons.

    Microbial Destructor Of Hydrocarbons.

    Natural biodegradation processes remove hazardous substances from the environment, with microbes playing the dominant role.

  • Nano Tech Patent Portfolio For Sale

    Nano Tech Patent Portfolio For Sale

    We are looking to sell our portfolio of three nanotechnology patents. We are looking to recoup our investment in the intellectual property. We have been approached by patent litigators to purchase the patent but we want to see this on the market.

  • Unique Us/eu Patent 7,529,561 For Sale.

    Unique Us/eu Patent 7,529,561 For Sale.

    Patent on an Electronic Chain-of-Custody process. Supply Chain Security Logistics Monitoring. Securing Military, Defence Assets, Explosives, Dangerous Goods, High Value Merchandise. Monitoring Real Time Live On Land-On Rail-On Sea-On Air 24x7 Global.