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  • Welding/gouging Safty

    Welding/gouging Safty

    A safety barrier to contain the hazardous effects of ark gouging.

  • Concrete Repair---dowel Bar Retrofit

    Concrete Repair---dowel Bar Retrofit

    Patented technology which will reduce cost and time to repair Dowel Bar Retrofits on highway and othe concrete slabs

  • Structural Elements Of Metal And Plastic

    Structural Elements Of Metal And Plastic

    Achieving a structural element made of metal and plastic with properties which would not be possible by using said materials separately. Similar to structural elements made of reinforced concrete (steel and concrete).

  • Seismic, Pressure & Heat Resistant W

    Seismic, Pressure & Heat Resistant W

    The invention is based on the concept of a brick wall in which brick-shaped elements, consisting of a tough inner core and a flexible outer casing, are bolted together to an extremely hard-to-penetrate wall/shell unit.

  • Polymer Coated Cardboard

    Polymer Coated Cardboard

    This is a new technic to coat the cardboards to make them printable and smooth on the surface, the cost is low and the final price of the product would be comparitvely low

  • Portable Refrigeration Unit

    Portable Refrigeration Unit

    PRU or the PORTABLE REFRIGERATION UNIT was designed with one purpose in mind, to save money by saving perishable goods stored in walk-in coolers and freezers. First used at a major university.

  • Tool Drive System

    Tool Drive System

    A wrench/ratchet accessory, sort of a Versatile Joint, with integrated functions for transferring rotational torque from a tool at phenomenal angles. It provides flexibility to fit, operate and transmit force or rotational torque thru minimum space.

  • Airport Security System

    Airport Security System

    Method for tracking and processing passengers and their transported articles. https://compexinc.com/_cms_/_files/260/airport.htm

  • Exciting& Unique New Air Tool Accessory

    Exciting& Unique New Air Tool Accessory

    I have invented a exciting and unique new air tool accessory. The complete name of the product is the 3 In One Air Supply. This unit will allow multiple task to be be completed simultaneously on it. It saves time and money.

  • Platforme For Selective Cupplung

    Platforme For Selective Cupplung

    industrial platforme for getting gas,fuels,fuels fractions,polymers with control of added C atoms and regeneration of catalysts(especially where is methane)