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  • Ziphanger Clip-on Bag Hook Organizer

    Ziphanger Clip-on Bag Hook Organizer

    The ZipHanger is a hook which snaps onto the slider of re-sealable bags so you can prominently hang and find the bags when needed. The ZipHanger saves standard bags from the fate of being just more “pile-it-in-the-drawer” storage devices.

  • Microwave Hydration Pack

    Microwave Hydration Pack

    Keep your Microwaved food at it's best, and revitalize stale bread. A high absorbency sponge encased in a perforated microwave safe plastic to add moisture to microwaved foods.

  • Early Warning Protection System

    Early Warning Protection System

    Patent For Sale. A stand-alone property protection device that plugs into the wall outlet of a home, garage, cabin or office building, which monitors temperature, will detect a flood and it will also work with wireless smoke detectors to monitor for smoke

  • Portable Children's Toilet

    Portable Children's Toilet

    Opportunity to purchase a patent for a portable children's toilet with a privacy screen and disposable bags that comes all in a small portable carry bag that folds up to the size of a dinner plate and weighs less then 3kg's. This is for the ages 2 to 8 .

  • Baby Carrider Simulator

    Baby Carrider Simulator

    This patented idea allows for parents of newborns who struggle sleeping, get the needed rest instead of driving the baby around to put it back to sleep.

  • Retract-a-barrel


    My invention not only solves a problem, but also makes recovering your trash barrel's a simple task. You will never loose track of your trash barrel's again as they will always retract back to it's post stand. (Retract-A-Barrel)

  • Wall Bed

    Wall Bed

    A wall bed assembly having an improved bedframe, and improved wall cabinet and a bed frame which can be used in a customized wall bed cabinet.

  • Dress Tying Device

    Dress Tying Device

    My present invention is in the field of tying device. More particularly, the present invention is in the technical field of blouse or shirt and skirt or pant tying device.

  • Recliner Chair Footrest Extender

    Recliner Chair Footrest Extender

    This device slips onto the footrest of most recliners to add length .

  • Laces Laundry Ball

    Laces Laundry Ball

    Currently there are a number of solutions for washing shoelaces. Most of these solutions attempts to scrub, soak and hand wash your shoelaces; but this solution fails to meet the needs of the market because this method is messy and time consuming.

  • Us 7879231 B2 In Tank Water Chiller

    Us 7879231 B2 In Tank Water Chiller

    This invention is an improvement to the existing reverse osmosis water filtration systems used in under-the-sink and similar commercial applications. This improvement uses a thermally conductive liner and thermoelectric device to cool the water.

  • Table And Floor Lamp With Heater

    Table And Floor Lamp With Heater

    Patented design with a ceramic heater integrated into base of table and floor lamps. Ideal for drafty rooms and personal heat.

  • Portable Shampoo Bowl & Chair

    Portable Shampoo Bowl & Chair

    The Portable Shampoo Bowl & Chair is great for Parents and Hair Stylist, Barbers and Caregivers to use away from the salon. Consumers have a easier way now to have there hair shampooed at home as if they were at the salon.

  • Holiday Lights Storage And Decoration

    Holiday Lights Storage And Decoration

    A storage combined apparatus and decor item for Christmas or Halloween decorative holiday lights acts as both a storage unit and standing individual holiday decoration.

  • Trash Takes Itself To Road! (patented)

    Trash Takes Itself To Road! (patented)

    A Trashcan Robot designed to automatically transport itself to the end of the road/driveway on the date and time chosen by the consumer.Product is patented and 100% developed and ready to sell. The cost to make the robot is under $300.

  • Defrost Indicator - Frozen Breast Milk

    Defrost Indicator - Frozen Breast Milk

    Our device is used by Mothers who freeze and store Breast Milk. The device will advise if an unknown defrost and refreeze may have occurred thus spoiling the milk and or other frozen perishables in the freezer. Our device can be used in any freezer.

  • Exclusive Tonymontana Trademark For Sale

    Exclusive Tonymontana Trademark For Sale

    We are own a business trademark of TONY MONTANA name that I want to sell. or Licence! TONY MONTANA is a multi-million dollar brand and is a very popular

  • Register/filter


    Air register patent and inventory for sale

  • Ultraviolet & Privacy Protection Blinds

    Ultraviolet & Privacy Protection Blinds

    I invented and hold a patent for an awesome new blinds system. It provides the means for multiple type, color and material blinds to hang in one window. The blinds each operate independently. A wall mountable blinds controller is added to the patent too.

  • Baby Bottle Accessory

    Baby Bottle Accessory

    PATENT PENDING STATUS The baby bottle accessory relates to a baby bottle. This device, is used to blend baby formula in the bottle. The baby bottle accessory is a portable device, Which has attachments for blending baby formula with food, medicine, and i

  • Polymer-coated Metal Strip

    Polymer-coated Metal Strip

    The present invention provides for a polymer metallic strip and an improved rapid process for the continuous extrusion of coating layer of the surface of a metal strip. Canning and Metal Building industries are target markets.

  • Solar Powered Porch And Address Light

    Solar Powered Porch And Address Light

    The ornimental design for an exterior porch light with cylindrical body with address window, cap cover, and bottom end cover with holes to attach globe. Patent #D553,784,US7,310,901 B1

  • Fence Extender

    Fence Extender

    The fence extender's primary goal is to extend the life and/or the height of a wooden picket fence. The United States Patent Office ( patent pending 60/966,181)

  • Fork It Over Bbq Utensil For Sale

    Fork It Over Bbq Utensil For Sale

    A BBQ utensil that utilizes curved, double side-tines for ease of gripping, flipping/turning and releasing.

  • Revolutionary Pre-fabricated Tile Board

    Revolutionary Pre-fabricated Tile Board

    Pre-Fabricated Tile Board is a pre-installed, pre-grouted, completely finished tile board that can be installed on any flat surface, such as a wall, floor or counter.

  • Collachi Grip

    Collachi Grip

    A device designed to aid people with the opening and closing of 90% of the doorknobs on the market.

  • Contractor's Marking Tool

    Contractor's Marking Tool

    This construction tool was created for commercial contractors, handymen and homeowners who are building new homes or simply adding on to an existing home. The construction tool incorporates 10 tools into 1 tool to perform virtually all related tasks.

  • Any Water Leak Is Detectable

    Any Water Leak Is Detectable

    We have found the solution to a problem that has long been sought by those involved in the detecting of leaks in the home water supply system to prevent water damage. Our solution allows detecting water leakage at any level from zero to maximum flow.

  • Showerpal - A Makeshift Kiddie Shower

    Showerpal - A Makeshift Kiddie Shower

    This kid friendly designed product clamps on the neck of a bathroom showerhead and rotates in front of it to block the spraying water and funnel it down its tube section then the water sprays out like a regular shower but at a lower childrens height level

  • Replacement Caps

    Replacement Caps

    replacment caps are a patented cap that fits on most any bottle,jar or other container that requires a lid or cap(small or large.

  • Out Of Sight Sponge Caddie

    Out Of Sight Sponge Caddie

    The Out of Sight Sponge Caddie is a modular system made up of two interlocking containers for holding new sponges and a single wet sponge. The dry sponge holder is enclosed to keep sponges dry, and the wet sponge holder is vented to allow for fast drying.

  • Patented Baseboard That Hides Wires

    Patented Baseboard That Hides Wires

    Hide Away Trim is a unique baseboard molding that makes it easy to hide messy wires laying on the floor inside of the trim. The difference between Hide Away Trim and other wire hiding systems is the ability to easily insert and remove wires anywhere.

  • Misty Sprinkler Water Saver 4 Landscapes

    Misty Sprinkler Water Saver 4 Landscapes

    Remove from package,hook to garden hose,aim 10 ft.flex lines w/pin holes any direction. Turn on facuet.Used out/or indoors,green houses,gardens,flowers.Owner selling trademark,logo,patant.Selling entire product,assembly commercial rights etc.75k or best.

  • Portable Changing Table,adjusts Height

    Portable Changing Table,adjusts Height

    The changing table adjusts in height, folds flat, and has storage. It is ideal for travel, or for those living in small living spaces. It fits in the trunk or tailgate of a car, and adjusts in height to help the caretaker stay comfortable.

  • The Lasagne Cradle And Roaster

    The Lasagne Cradle And Roaster

    it can be marketed in different ways but consists of a container for stove top or micro-wave that has a cradle that fits inside a pot, casserole, or roaster for dual purposes or sales. the cradle is to lift lasagne noodles out of hot water for lasagne.