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The Big Scrunchy can be used from picnics and parties to storing umbrellas and used as a tie-back for curtains. It's also great for using at the beach or pool to secure your beach towel to your chair preventing it from blowing away. (Patent Pending)

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Posted by Deborah Rogers under Miscellaneous

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The Big Scrunchy is just that - a big scrunchy which has multiple household and outdoor uses. Its uses include: securing  your tablecloth at picnics, parties and tailgating. Exceptionally good at keeping your beach towel on your chair at the beach or at the pool.  Household uses include but not limited to using it as a tie-back for curtains as well as wrapping up your outdoor umbrella for the winter months.  There are so many uses for The Big Scrunchy that have yet to be discovered!  (Patent Pending)