Key Duplication Using Smartphone Camera


Method and System for replacing a key is described herein. Specifically, a system for replacing a key can comprise a network, a server that receives a still photograph from a mobile device, wherein said still photograph is related to a key.

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Key Duplication Using Smartphone Camera
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A real Locksmith will give you the correct price prior to dispatch, if your are Quoted $60.00 to unlock your car or House, it will be $60.00 NOT $15.00 or $29.00, or the charges for which tool to use will determine the cost. Yes this was used, Scammers will say the charge depends on which tool is used REDICULOUS. If you need Commercial or Residential work a real Locksmith will be abe to tell you over the phone exactly the price for services that you need.

With billions of dollars being lost to US economy Cenitrux L.L.C have Invented a new Method to allow Customers to extract bitting from Key Image and store into Cloud to retrieve anytime for key duplication. In America, locksmiths are called upon to unlock doors because people break, get scammed, lose or misplace their keys. Replacing a key can be very tedious for both the key owner and a locksmith. Each day, up to 250,000 Americans make emergency calls to locksmiths. And judging by the Yellow Pages or an online search, there's plenty of help nearby. For instance, in America, the telephone directory lists five locksmiths on the same street. In reality, those addresses are for a dry cleaner and four restaurants. First of all, a locksmith needs to determine and ensure that the blind code to duplicate the key is accurate. As such, he is required to be onsite to open the door locker and seek for the proper codes by looking at the tumblers. Once the blind codes are obtained, the locksmith will have to travel back to his workshop, mobile or stationary, and translate the key into bitting code. Once the translation is completed, the locksmith can start cutting the key blank using his code machine. After duplicating the key, the locksmith will have to test the duplicated key either onsite or using the door locker he brought during his first visit. Such onsite visits and tumbler review can take a long time.

Therefore, it would be advantageous to have an improved system and method for replacing a key.

 NDA Required to disclose patent-related information.



Simple Mobile App Solution

KeyiCam gives power to Locksmiths to gain back their Customers as you know Scammers have been stealing Legit Locksmiths Customers. 
We are happy to put customers in control of their money and grow legit locksmiths business. 
This is your first stop to License our Technology to put a stop to a Rampage of Scams happening here in America.

Utilizing KeyiCam App requires no Contact with Any Scammer to damage your Car or House Locks.


1. Select Key Make

2. Pay

3. Take Image of Key

4. Generate Bitting Code ***User will recieve confirmation code via Text or Email in case Key bitting error to re generate bitting code Through App

5. Locate Legit Locksmith

6. Send via Text or Email containing Key Image and bitting that was extracted from Key Image to Locksmith to cut key.

7. Deliver Key to Customer Location ..... One Price and One Item No Games....


Integrated Smart Key FOB Cloud Solution in Cars

1. Insert Smart Key into Dash Slot in Car

2. In-Dash Application to Provision Smart Key Data to Cloud Car Manufacturer Dealerships

3. Lost Smart Key FOB ? Dont Know VIN Number ?

4. Present Photo ID for Car Manufacturer to Program Smart Key FOB

5. Pay for Smart Key FOB


KeyiCam Cloud "Value of SaaS and the Cloud"


1. Cost structure

2. Simplification

3. Scalability

4. Flexibility and efficiency

5. Visibility


Data Access Advantage

From a macro standpoint, the investment industry’s thinking about cloud-based investments has evolved. My sources tell me a handful of cloud companies are likely to raise a ton of money. Cloud-based, several tenant supply chain networks also increase a secondary information avenue, in addition to their execution capabilities through Servers in the Cloud. Gaining access to data through supply chain clouds is a distinct advantage of being part of a network.



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KeyiCam App Video "Extracting bitting code from Key Image"  http://youtu.be/kpgNhDX_N18  
KeyiCam Key Cutting Machine "Attached to Cloud Processing Key Image"  http://youtu.be/rHrkr__eSf4  
KeyiCam Website http://keyicam.com

KeyiCam help's Google

Google Sued For Click Fraud By Seattle Locksmith

Google maps Locksmith fake address Scam!

1.3 Million results searching Locksmith Scam 


Locksmith SCAMS


Locksmith scam a new twist


"Associated Locksmiths of America", The Better Business Bureau, Law enforcement, even the FBI, as well as all your friends and family.

Without public awareness this will continue to happen.

Due to their fraudulent practices, false address and false listings they have created a billion dollar Industry from scamming the consumer.

All their ads and listings are paid for by scammed funds.

This is a Nationwide problem, not limited to any State.


The Public Eye: Locksmith scam preys on the elderly



Tons of Locksmith SCAM Youtube Videos in different States Nationwide