Light Up Drinking Glass


Patent for Light Up Drinking Glasses of with hugh proven market for plastic items. No competition for crystal and glass versions. Perfect easy business.This patent changed the drinking glass industry.

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Light Up Drinking Glass
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The light up drinking glass industry has benefited for the last 13 years under this patent. There have been 10s  of millions of plastic glasses manufactured over the last 13 years with great success.  Our test market of the Glass models proves solid with over 60,000 sold last year with just glass.  And this was not a large effort either we are doing 50 things at a time around here. This is just one thing.The market is perfect to establish large accounts before it expires in 2015. 

You can also license it to others. You can meet many people in the industry and set up your own accounts, even go overseas. It is a fun exciting product and everyone simply loves it to death.

A market needed to be established and developed in order gain enough interest to be able to mass market these glasses and get hugh discounts on manufacturing.

It would be impossible to sell the patent to someone making plastic items so we licensed all of them for a minimum and now we want to sell the rights to manufacture them in glass. There is no competition.  

Orders of 50,000  glasses will see  a minimum $400 % markup from manufacture to retail. 

A crystal light up glass is less than $7 to manufacture and sells for anywhere from $35 up to about $120

With this margin it is possible to sell to Cruise Lines, Hotel Chains, Party Suppliers. 

The patent covers all glasses of any style and the base can be modified for any glass for about $5,000 

The glass pictured cost $2.00 and retails for $10. This is an inexpensive type and is easy sell to everyone in three different styles. There are 4 lights and slowly change color, red, blue, green, white. Very beautiful, but not like crystal.

You can also talk to us about glass we design for high end market, include use of halograms, laser cutting and light along with sound. We can design a glass to sell for 2-300  if you want that also.

You will also get unlimited support from the Inventer who also has many other novel ideas.

He actually spent over $4800.00 to design the circuit board, another 4,000 making prototypes for the base.

Hundreds of hours went into writing the patent so that it would have the absolute most protection.

All suppliers ready to manufacture. Lead time is 12 weks.

Manufacturing glass and crystal is a different opperation than working with plastic.

You will work directly with our engineers .

We sourced crystal from all over the world to get the quality and design just right so we can have top quality and low price.

These style drinking glasses are perfect for Limoseum, Prom, Wedding, Parties, Cruise, Hotel Suites, Event Planners,

These are handcrafted to last a lifetime.