Link It A Safe Toy For Kids


link it is large building blocks we are looking for investors to help manufacture promote this toy and share in profits this toy has a patent pending in the usa

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Posted by ronald rolufs under Miscellaneous

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Link It     A Safe Toy For Kids
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This slider block has many applications and is very versatile. The child can learn computer skills while perusing pictures of various designs available on a disc. The designs will stimulate the child’s imagination. They can be constructed following the instructions or use the ideas as inspiration for creating their own designs. There are the educational aspects of building skills such as sequential thinking, problem solving, 3-dimensional thinking, fine motor skills, and spatial reasoning. Children and their families will have fun while developing these skills. Construction ideas can flow in many directions, guided by the imagination. There is potential for a family project, such as a playhouse, with actual engineering designs on a disc. A whole family, working together, could build a structure like a dog house for the family pet, a playhouse for the daughter, or a shed for garden equipment. A classroom can come together on a bridge building project. The larger projects will include larger blocks and a design disc which will help create these structures. There is no competition in this market that will have a share in the huge production of building structures.