Looking To Sell Hand Tool Ideas


started needitools 2 1/2 years ago wife passed 2 years ago let bussiness shut down was selling 3 new tools the market handtools that were seeling good to garages and home mechanicks would like some one to pick it up and go with it

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Posted by gary deraedt under Automotive

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Looking To Sell Hand Tool Ideas
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was the inventor of the hub-shark ken tool sells now and redesign a number of tools for dowley manaufacturing but they sold out and i moved on and come up with 4 new tools for the market and had a company make 500 of each and the wife and i was hitting garages to see haw they would sell a lot of the mechanics bought 2 set one for work and one for home because they can be used buy the home mechanic to , had 500 more made and 3 weeks my wife passed away and i just give up. One is called a ratchet wrench speeder , other duel tool adjustable tool tray for using under the hood of you auto that wont tip over and wont be in your way put tools and parts on it , the other it the tap@ ratchet wrench , the 4 is called the maverick which will replace the hub shark keen tool sells have the complete write up for the patent thru a attorney cost was 12,000 dollars to get it wrote up have paper work and attorneys info on it