Machanical Clothes Line In A Box No Pins


Mobile, Efficient clothes dryer ,no heating element.Dryer uses drum to tumble your clothes while a fan blows air through them. 19 times more air than a standard heated dryer. That dries fast, wrinkle free,no heat damage,and fluffy.Larry Ford 702 210 4799

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Posted by Larry Ford under Green Energy

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Machanical Clothes Line In A Box No Pins
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My dryer is called the " AMBIENT AIR CLOTHES DRYER " I have two Patents on it , Us Patent numbers  7178265 and 7340848 . Look up Ambient Air Clothes Dryer on the Web and It comes up several times with complete drawings and pictures . The dryer consist of a slow rotating drum with a 18 " wire mesh back and a 18 " wire mesh door in the front for loading , with a bracket on the back to  attach a 20 " box fan to blow a constent amount a fresh air through the tumbling clothes . This methed allow 19 times more air to flow through your clothes than the standard 4" vent in a heated dryer . So with " NO HEATING ELEMENT " and the energy use of a 100 watt light bulb , your clothes will dry in about the same time as a heated dryer . This dryer is also equiped with wheels so it can be easily moved to a location for the best drying time , such as , out side in the son , into the garage , into a heated spare room , by the fire place , etc , etc. This unit can be manufactured , in a smaller version for camping and hunting , 12 volt motor , or with a solar screen and a 12 volt battery to be used where there is no electricity .

                      contact me at Larry Ford Cell 702 210 4799