Microwave Hydration Pack


Keep your Microwaved food at it's best, and revitalize stale bread. A high absorbency sponge encased in a perforated microwave safe plastic to add moisture to microwaved foods.

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Posted by Benjamin Sherer under Household

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Microwave Hydration Pack
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The process of microwaving removes a lot of moisture from the food and makes it taste stale, dry, or even synthetic at times. But there is a very simple at home solution for this: Putting a paper towel or wet sponge in the microwave with your food maintains and even revitalizes the freshness of most foods.

This process is particularly useful for stale bread. 10 seconds with a wet paper towl and you'll have soft moist bread again. Even baguettes can be made to feel like bread rolls.

Though anyone could do this easily at home, most don't because:

1 - It's a wasteful process if you use new sheets every time, and sponges left open get dirty.

2 - People are lazy, busy, and/or distracted.

3 - Most people simply don't know you can do this. 

The typical consumer would glady pay $5, maybe even $10 dollars to keep their microwaved food at it's best.

Replacing the sponges periodically is recommended, and replacement sponges -as well as colorful encasings - may be sold as extras.

Alternate versions may be made to put over and enclose the plate or bowl, meaning different shapes and sizes can be sold. 

Would cost pennies to produce.