Mobile Electronic Device Protector


Mobile Electronic Device Protector (Mobile bumper)United States Patent No.US D702,696S.This patent was granted to me on the 15th of April 2014.

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Posted by Joseph Edwards under Electronics & Gadgets

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Mobile Electronic Device Protector
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The Mobile Electronic Device Protector (mobile bumper)

   (1)  An unintended drop from just a few feet can render a mobile device inoperable. Damage can range  from cracked screens and reduction of functions, to irreparable damage thereby disabling a device. 

  (2)  A falling device is subject to the earth's gravitationally induced acceleration rate of 9.8 m/s2. Current devices on the market are either flimsy films of rubber or silicone that confer very little protection to a device subject to impact. Using a prototype of the mobile bumper it was successfull in preventing damage from a drop of 10 feet to mobile devices.

(3)  The bumpers also carry a hook which can be attached to a strap for easy carrying.These bumpers are inexpensive to produce, very simple to install and uninstall, and can fit a wide range of devices. I am looking to sell this patent