No-tie Apron For Adults And Kids


We hold a US Utility Patent on a No-Tie apron using Hook and Loop Technology. Our No-Tie Aprons are comfortable to wear, no tie strings and easy to remove.

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Posted by Henry Milnark under Restaurants, Food & Drinks

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No-tie Apron For Adults And Kids
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Full Description

The Apron’s patented no-tie design features a unique strap that allows you to secure the apron without tying it.  The strap’s built in elastic allows you to reach or bend in complete comfort.  The apron strap is removed easily before washing.  The apron can be removed or applied while wearing gloves.  This apron is ideal for home use, outdoor barbequing or working on any project, allowing your clothes to remain soil free. The apron is machine washable and dryable depending on the material used for the apron body.

 · Quick and easy to remove

· No tangled strings during  laundering

· Apron can be put on while wearing gloves

· Aprons can be made in various sizes & length

· Apron’s strap will stretch when you bend providing complete comfort

· Add a protective cover to the Apron with ease and still have no strings to tie

· With the no-tie patented design an apron can be made with any suitable materials