Occupant Safey


A sequence of alarming systems to assure u respond to notification of child in car. The vehicle will also adjust temperature in vehicle after a given time to keep child safe until response arrives.

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Posted by Maricruz Martinez under Automotive

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Occupant Safey
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Full Description

 The Concept:

 The name of the concept the inventor has chosen is Child Life Car Safety System, although she is open to the possibility of a name change and reserves final approval regarding the official name.     Branding is important, of course, but the concept is the official foundation for the invention and any forthcoming applications of the invention.

The concept Ms. Sifuentes has envisioned is a system that will alert parents immediately, sound an alarm to alert those nearby, and control the temperature inside the vehicle until those passing by, parents or first responders can rescue children who have been left behind in vehicles.  It is a comprehensive system, which will save the lives of many innocent children. A more detailed description of the functionality of this invention will be elaborated upon in the following segment.


 How it Works:

Ms. Sifuentes has been designing and documenting this concept for quite some time.  She has several “mock-up” drawings of the invention, which have provided the inventor with a sense of how the concept will appear once brought into production.  This is beneficial for making any necessary modifications and revisions for improvements; thus promoting a more satisfactory and overall accommodating product.  

As currently designed in the technical drawings and 3-D models, the invention has unique features not presently available in the marketplace.  Although it has not yet been engineered and is still in the developmental stages, an explanation of its functionality is as follows:

The Child Life Car Safety System in a comprehensive system designed to prevent the deaths of innocent children in vehicles when they are forgotten or left behind.  There are motion/sound detectors in the front, center and rear of the vehicle, and weight sensors in the back seats that are activated when the back sensors detect the weight of a child in its seat for more than sixty seconds after the ignition has been turned off.  The doors will be locked to keep the occupant safe and an alarm signal will be sent to a remote attached the vehicle’s keys, causing the remote to flash and to beep. When the driver fails to respond with the next sixty seconds, a text message or audible recording will also be to the vehicle owner's phone.   In addition, the vehicle’s HVAC system is turned on and adjusted to maintain a comfortable temperature, and the doors are locked to ensure the child’s security.  If the vehicle’s owner fails to respond appropriately within five minutes, technology linked to satellites will be activated to relay a signal and vehicle location information to local law enforcement agencies along with an emergency call.  In the meantime, the horn will sound and a light installed on the roof of the vehicle will flash to alert those nearby and to help first responders locate the vehicle quickly.


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