Painless Surgical Drain Tube


After anyone has surgury the surgeon usually puts in a drain tube and it hurts when it is pulled out. My idea is a soft/firm head that is deflated and folds inward for less pain to patient.

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Posted by Deborah Kay Kabela Rogness under Healthcare

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Painless Surgical Drain Tube
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My idea is that the end of this Painless Drain Tube. To deflate and fold inward (the tip) before it is taken out of the incision site of the patient.This would make it less hurtful to the patient, it would be the same idea as what Surgeons use today on their patients but it would be patient friendly. 

 very little discomfort. I beleive there would be a huge market for this device with all the Hospitals and Surgical Centers around the United States. I came upon this idea after having major surgery and the worst part of my stay was having the drain tube retracted..very painful. I have talked with many other patients  that have said the only problems they had was the pulling out of the drain tube so I did some drawings and started to toy around with this idea and it just made sense. The tip would be ridged enough to make sure to drain properly but when the time came to take the drain tube out it would not hurt as much as the ones that are being used. I am not an medical proffessional but I was a patient that hated to have that awful tube pulled out and that is how this started. I thank you for you time and I do hope to hear back from you. There is more to this idea but the second part to this is the key which I will keep to myself for now.