Patent 7,470,086: Powerdeck


The Gulf Stream is an unlimited source of kinetic energy, and many devices may convert that energy into a useable form. The problem: delivering and maintaining such devices. The solution: PowerDeck, a practical, remote-operated, submersible platform.

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Posted by Cliff Jennings under Green Energy

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Patent 7,470,086: Powerdeck
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Full Description

PowerDeck is a modular and submersible platform system specially designed for the remote and reliable handling of undersea power generation equipment. The system, designed by professionals in underwater equipment, is bio-friendly and visually unobtrusive; and it represents the first practical means of harvesting energy from the Gulf Stream.

PowerDeck is towed to a site prepared with mooring lines and cables, their free ends being held at surface, their other ends anchored on the seabed. After this at-surface hookup, aided by ballast control, PowerDeck crawls down along its mooring lines to the chosen operational depth. The payload of generators, now exposed to deep Gulf Stream current,  commence generating electricity. Cables proceed from PowerDeck along the seabed, conveying the power to a remote shore facility.

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