Patented Infant Car Seat Needs Licensee.


An infant car seat with a base and a carrier. When carrier is detatched, with its wheels and extendable locking handle, quick and easy transportation. Or you could pull the base out, drop the wheels, attach carrier and have a full sized stroller.

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Posted by Dwight Johnson under Miscellaneous

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Patented Infant Car Seat Needs Licensee.
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Patent # US 7,311,353 B1.  The Babe-Ease car seat is a regular infant car seat that consists of a base and a carrier.  When together and seatbelted properly in the car, it provides protection for your infant while traveling.  When you get where you are going.  Pull the shoulderstrap off the carrier, and pull the carrier out of the car.  Pull the locking extendable handle out and push the carrier around like a dolly or a stroller, depending on number of wheels.  This not only provides relief to your arms from having to carry your baby around everywhere you go, but it also makes it easier than having to pull that big stroller out of the trunk.  And in that case it also saves trunk space that would usually be taken by a stroller in the trunk.  And if you want a full size stroller, just pull the base of the car seat out, drop more wheels and reattatch the carrier making a full size stroller.  This makes it easier to carry thing such as, wipes, diapers, food, bottles,  ect...

Just the carrier on wheels makes running in to the post office, stores, to pay bills, ect... so much easier and quicker, and not near the hassel.