Pickup Truck Cargo Bed Extender


a heavy duty pickup truck cargo bed extender designed for the construction industry.

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Posted by Mark Straschewski under Automotive

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Pickup Truck Cargo Bed Extender
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Heavy Duty Cargo Bed Extender for Pickup Trucks 

This patented (US 6,279,980 B 1 / US D504,384 S) Xtender ™ is designed to fold down to 2 inches against inside of tailgate when not in use, compared to the other bulky “Flip- up tube designs. The Xtender provides an additional 2 feet of secured cargo space. It is ideal for all short beds with extended cabs and 8 foot beds with tool boxes.

The Xtender is designed for easy installation. It is made of 1/8 inch aluminum diamond plate and can be clear coated or powder coated most colors to protect further against oxidation. Side panels are secured in place by way of OEM tailgate receptors. The Xtender is compatible with bed covers and bed caps as it mounts below top edge of tailgate.


This product, I feel has great profit potential for a company with manufacturing, marketing and distribution expertise. I will entertain selling outright my patent rights or provide an exclusive licensing agreement.