Platforme For Selective Cupplung


industrial platforme for getting gas,fuels,fuels fractions,polymers with control of added C atoms and regeneration of catalysts(especially where is methane)

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Posted by Djordje Tomic under Industrial

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Platforme For Selective Cupplung
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Full Description

  The platform works as a circular loop - a cycle in which the starting raw material enters the left branch and the right input coupling reagent.

   If the starting reagent containing n-C atoms, and the coupling reagent pick methane (CH4), at the end of a cycle gives n + 1 carbon atoms in the product, at the end of the second cycle we obtain n + 2 carbon atoms in the product, and so on.

   Modification of the 1: if starting reagent has n carbon atoms, and the coupling reagent pick ethane (C2H6), then we obtain in the product n + 2 carbon atoms in the first cycle, n + 4 of the second cycle, shortly- in each cycle will be inserted 2 carbon atoms.

   The modification 2 : can be used as propane, butane and other alkanes with more carbon atoms, as well as the coupling reagent. Accordingly, we will get products with the appropriate number of C atoms. This is suitable for the preparation of fractions of alkanes (fuel) with a higher number of C atoms.

   Modification of the 3: Instead of CH4, the coupling reagent may be CH 2 = CH 2, CCl 2 = CH 2, alkynyl, halogenated alkynyl, etc., making the process suitable for the preparation of chemical structures with repeating units- building blocks that is for the preparation of the polymer.

Structural elements of the platform:

1) Safety valve --- allows the chemical reaction in a tank is played to the end before the product proceed to the next tank.
---- allow that in case of breakdown or accident, the tank in which it is going to be disconnected and isolated from other parts of the system. This enables fault localization, better rehabilitation and protection of the rest of the plant.

2) an EM and Membrane separators: serves to separate undesirable byproducts products- if any, from the reaction of some products that we need for the coupling.

3) of tanks and pipes, pumps in this system, all the tanks are connected such that a pulling force being the gravitational chemicals, except for the portion where the necessary catalysts, and some of the products back to the system and there are used the pump were labeled in the figure.

Chemical reactions:

Central the chemical reaction is the RX + R1-Mg-X -> RR1 + MgX 2 and to constitute the core of the coupling. Other reactions serve to reagents of (raw) we get RX and R-Mg-X.

An important side reaction is electrochemical regeneration of the catalyst.

Mg 2+ is going on - where the electrode is performed precipitating it. Mg 2 + ---> 0 Mg Mg returns to the tank with diethyl ether.

Offense X- practically the only returning as HX into the system while in case 2,
X2 regeneration of the oxidation of the corrosive electrode 2 X-  ----> X2.

Use :

This platform enables the lifting plant small and large sizes wherever there are conditions for that-- pipelines, farms, sewage, if we use the methane.

By a simple operation platform we can adapt the preparation of gases, the fraction of fuel - to lower, and higher (methane -> gas -> benzine -> diesel ---> cerozine -> heavy oil) or polymer.

For any questions or concerns, please contact us at email --djordjetomic006@gmail.com