Portable Changing Table,adjusts Height


The changing table adjusts in height, folds flat, and has storage. It is ideal for travel, or for those living in small living spaces. It fits in the trunk or tailgate of a car, and adjusts in height to help the caretaker stay comfortable.

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Posted by Rebecca Wyler under Household

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Portable Changing Table,adjusts Height
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The changing table is perfect for use in the trunk of your car, your SUV or van's tailgate, for travel, or for small living spaces. It adjusts in height to keep the caretaker's backs from getting sore, it has enough storage to replace a small diaper bag, it keeps clean, and is safe. It is a revolutionary product for the baby space. The changing table can be made out of any strong material, but I found through surveying parents that plastic would be best for travel applications, while wood fared best for applications in small living spaces. Parents responded that they would pay between $50 and $60 for a plastic version, and around $100-120 for a wood version.

It adjusts to three different heights, allowing caretakers of varying heights to change their baby anywhere comfortably. Its ability to fold flat allows the changing station to go in the bottom of a stroller, so it can easily go wherever the baby goes.

Flaps fold over the padded portion of the table, keeping the pad clean during transport. The flaps also have pouches with zippers on either side of the flaps, allowing all storage compartments to be accessed  whether the table is folded flat (in transit mode) or folded out (for use).

If you are interested, I already have a website made for the product, as well as a logo which I am happy to sign over in this deal. I was planning on bringing this to market myself, but can no longer due to health problems. 

The patent has been fully issued, and there is a related patent pending for an alternate design of the table. This listing includes both patents. This product is the first of its kind, and between the two patents, the concept of a portable changing table, with or without the ability to adjust in height, is fully protected.

 The patent number for the fully issued patent is: US 9,247,829 B2