Portable Children's Toilet


Opportunity to purchase a patent for a portable children's toilet with a privacy screen and disposable bags that comes all in a small portable carry bag that folds up to the size of a dinner plate and weighs less then 3kg's. This is for the ages 2 to 8 .

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Posted by Donny Noy under Household

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Portable Children's Toilet
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Noy Innovations is currently offering a commercial patent opportunity for the LITTLE LOO.

The LITTLE LOO offers parents an innovative portable toilet solution for children 2 – 8 years old. Public restrooms, and inconvenient locations can create difficult and stressful situations for parents when their small child requires a bathroom.  The LITTLE LOO provides a convenient and clean toilet solution that can be used in any location and assembled within 60 seconds.

Any parent concerned with providing a safe and clean environment for their child will welcome the innovation of the LITTLE LOO, The only product of its kind on the market and with strong growth in Australia’s online children’s product market, up 16.7% year on year, turning over $488 million annually, it is the perfect time to invest in products that reduce the stressful moments of being a parent.

Market ready, the LITTLE LOO patent encompasses:

  • Full product specifications
  • Working product demo
  • Light-weight, fold-up toilet seat and stand
  • Absorbent disposable bags
  • Flexible folding cube pop up screen
  • Trademarked LITTLE LOO logo and professional logo designs
  • Easily merchandised in a waterproof Neoprene material case with carry handle
  • Full colour cardboard sleeve product labelling design for retail

Featuring competitive pricing and 100% mark-up at both wholesale and retail price points, LITTLE LOO will deliver healthy profits.

Noy Innovations is currently seeking interested parties looking to purchase the LITTLE LOO patent and benefit from this unique, ready-to-market opportunity. To be included in the first round of face to face meetings your prompt response is appreciated, due to patent process deadlines.

Connect with the Director, Donny Noy, to further discuss capitalise on the LITTLE LOO patent. 

— Noy Innovations

Email: dnoy@noyinnovations.com.au
Phone: 0437 829 356 (Australian phone number)
Web: noyinnovations.com.au
LinkedIn: /noyinnovations

LITTLE LOO Patent Number: 140076 PC/CP (patent pending)