Portable Kitchen Cabinet/patented


Portable Kitchen Cabinet is the PERFECT COMPANION TO THE OUTDOOR GRILL! Convenient storage, and with hinged self-supporting work counter saves time, effort, and eliminates the hassle and frustration of outdoor cooking.

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Posted by Jeffrey Jung under Miscellaneous

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Portable Kitchen Cabinet/patented
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"It can be a hassle to cook outdoors if you have to keep running in and out of the house for supplies, so I decided there needed to be a more convenient way to cook outdoors - and it needed to be portable so it can be taken camping, tail-gaiting or a day at the beach." - Inventor

Features a multi-functional design, space-savings, versatility, convenience, attractiveness, decorative appeal, practicality, timesavings, novel design, durability and ease of use. The eye-catching outdoor, portable kitchen cabinet features numerous shelves and compartments to store barbecue tools, pots, pans, cups, plates, eating utensils, etc.,  Hinged self-supporting work counter provides a convenient way to prepare and serve food in any outdoor location.  The rectangular prototype unit is made of wood, and measures 2' high, 4' long and 2' wide. It could be produced from various materials including plastic such as polystyrene, wood or stainless steel and created in a wide range of sizes, colors, syles, designs, and patterns.

The perfect companion to any outdoor cooking experience. . .from your outdoor grill to your tailgate party to the beach or camping, the Portable Kitchen Storage Cabinet takes grilling to a whole new level of enjoyment. 

Why have a grill if you don't have a Portable Kitchen Storage Cabinet?