Portable Shampoo Bowl & Chair


The Portable Shampoo Bowl & Chair is great for Parents and Hair Stylist, Barbers and Caregivers to use away from the salon. Consumers have a easier way now to have there hair shampooed at home as if they were at the salon.

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Posted by Elnora Gillespie under Household

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Portable Shampoo Bowl & Chair
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Full Description

The "Portable Shampoo Bowl & Chair" is an portable device that would be used when shampooing a child, a person's hair at home , or an elderly or physically challenged in a hospital, nursing home , daycare etc. This product , if Manufactured could be used in homes, college dorms, hospitals, nursing homes, military bases, and by the Red Cross.

The "Portable Shampoo Bowl & Chair would consist of a lightweight, plastic chair that would feature a basin with a built-in headrest, hair trap, and storage shelf.  For use, the shampoo basin would be placed underneath the persons head. Water would be dispensed through a sink hose and the used water would be drained through the hair trap and into the sink hose and the used water would be drained through the hair trap and into the sink. The compact tray could be easily washed in between uses.

The appealing features of "Portable Shampoo Bowl & Chair" would be portability, convenience, durability, light weight, compact size, effectiveness, and ease of use for hairstlists and nurses/care givers. This device would be appreciated by individuals who find it impossible to lean back over a standared sink.

This device can be used by Military Bases, Red Cross , Hospitals, Nursing Homes , College Students, Barbers, Cosmetologist , Personal Care Givers and All Consumers World Wide.