Power Driver- Golf Shoe Insoles


A golf shoe insole that sets a golfer up in proper position & keeps them in position during swing, resulting in straighter more powerful golf shots. Can be worn for practice or during a round of golf. Inexpensive to make and big mark up for retail.

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Posted by Joseph Swilley under Sports & Entertainment

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Power Driver- Golf Shoe Insoles
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patented. My golf shoe insoles are designed to ensure a golfer's base stays in the proper position during address, back swing and follow through. The design concentrates the weight of the golfer to insides of their feet and prevents the golfer from swaying away from the ball during their backswing. This will eliminate slicing and hooking of the ball and will cause them to hit the ball cleaner and crisper causing straighter, longer golf shots. This product can be made from traditional insole material or in jel form. It is very inexpensive to manufacture and the mark up would be quite a bit. These insoles can be worn on the driving range or better yet since they are inside the shoe worn right on the golf course during a round of golf. They have a slight slant of 1/4 inch from outside of right foot to the inside of the foot. The left side will have a 1/8 inch slant to still allow the golfer a proper follow thru on the forward swing. Good golfers put something under their foot on the driving range but everything reverts back to old swing on course. With the power driver insole they can keep the same swing during a round of golf.