Power Jockey Hybrid Battery Augmentation


The power jockey augments the weakened battery bank of a hybrid car by tapping power from the alternator to boost its terminal voltage.

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Posted by Patrick Phan under Automotive

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Power Jockey Hybrid Battery Augmentation
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The battery pack in hybrid cars are warranted for 8 - 10 years and will fail soon after that. High cost of battery pack replacement means low or no second hand value. 

Power Jockey 

The Power Jockey is a device that utilises the power output generated from the hybrid vehicle internal combustion engine’s (ICE) auxiliary power system, the alternator or converter, to supplement the electric motor battery output.

It is not a plug-in system. A plug-in system still requires a working hybrid battery pack. The Power Jockey is “always working” when the vehicle is in use. It protects the battery from overload failure and allows a lower capacity battery pack to be used thus extending the useful life of the battery.

With the Power Jockey 1998 model Toyota Prius are still kept running on the same original battery pack 14 years later and likely to last many more years still. 


Product working and in use

We have installed over 200 Power Jockeys in New Zealand in 1998 - 2000 Toyota Prius and Toyota Estima Hybrids. A unit for the 2004-2011 Toyota Prius is being developed. Although the Power Jockey is predominantly used in hyybrid cars with dead battery packs after reconditioning, it can and should be installed in vehicles with good batteries to protect and extend the life of the hybrid battery and increase fuel economy as well.

The unit is not battery type specific and will work in other hybrids as well. We are also developong a unit for the Honda hybrid. 


Patent Pending.

We have applied for a patent in New Zealand and entered into PCT. From October of 2012 we will be filing complete specification in most countries.


What we are looking for 

We are looking for partners to help us market the unit worldwide, especially in the US and Japan and EU.

More details about us and the Power Jockey can be viewed at http://www.thebatteryclinic.co.nz

Email : thebatteryclinic@xtra.co.nz